about us

creative planning group

SO:ON ent is

a company based on fusion new media content in the era of the fourth industrial age. We have the skills and competencies ranging from the planning to the direction, production, and progress if not only large-scale music festivals but also performances, exhibitions, festivals, awards ceremonies and conferences as well as various cultural industries including printing, design and video production. We will continue to work with our clients as a professional group to make something out of nothing.

SO:ON ent is

a professional planning and directing company capable of doing all parts of business with one contract. In order to present the most efficient and precise communication to clients’ needs, we manage all of the planning, directing, and progress of cultural industry projects based on video and new media technology industry.

The members of SO:ON ent belong to a group of manpower that has the best recognition in the industry through various careers and know-hows regarding various mega events. We create unlimited synergies with securing tools that link planning performances and special concerts.